Voxz Software Solution Sdn Bhd

公司名称:Voxz Software Solution Sdn Bhd
公司国家:马来西亚 Malaysia
公司地址:25A, Jalan Foo Yet Kai, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
电话Phone No:605 255 5355
公司简介:A Malaysia incorporated Software Development Company. provide a wide range of ICT solutions and services as listed below: Portal & Webpage Development, Web Applications for Scheduling System, Lab Management etc, SMI & Factory Interfacing Application, Consultation of upgrading and integration of Legacy systems and database, SMS Solution, Campus Management Solution (CMS), Enterprise Inventory & Accounting System, Share Market Analysis and Alert Solution (MNSA), Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Business Resource Management & Plannning (BRMP), Clinic Management Solution (CMS), Sales and Marketing Management Solution (SMMS), Customer Relationship System (CRM), Hotel Management Solution (HMS), Plant Automation & Intelligent, Lab Management Solution,Customer Relation Management (CRM) Solutions,E Commerce Solutions,Educational Institutions Software, Solutions,ERP Software & Solutions,Healthcare Software & Solutions,Hospitality Software Solutions,Industrial Automation Software,IT, Web Applications Developers,Laboratory Software,Sales & Marketing Software, Solutions,SMS Software, Solutions,Software Developers,Website Designers & Developers