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公司名称:360 Sms App
公司国家:新加坡 Singapore
公司地址:1968 S. Coast Hwy #1412,
, Laguna Beach Ca 92651,
, Usa
电话Phone No:john@360smsapp.com
公司简介:Salesforce is the best and top rated CRM solution which helps you to manage your company, clients & even customer support in a standard, efficient and more effective way. And for companies who always try to grow their business, the best and successful method to generate leads is SMS Service for them. This Short Messaging Service is also beneficial for existing clients of the company. 

The recipient only needs a network service, so they can receive the SMS message from you at any time, hence removing the dependency on internet services. And to use this Salesforce Texting Service, what else can be better than “360 SMS App” which helps its user to send single or bulk text messages from Salesforce?  This SMS App not only sends SMS from Salesforce but it also offers a lot of features that can automate your SMS Messaging system and helps to run SMS marketing campaigns successfully.

You must be thinking, what makes this Top Salesforce texting App unique? Well, it’s having numerous features and some of them like SMS Incoming Alert, SMS Scheduler, SMS Template,  SMS Workflow Automation, etc., makes it notable.
You never need to stress over sending SMS to your abroad customers during their working hours. With SMS Scheduler, you can easily schedule the message according to your targeted client’s working hours and then this texting app for Salesforce will send the SMS automatically at the scheduled time.

There is a functionality named SMS Workflow Automation, by using this functionality you can send the SMS to the receivers when criteria are met. That simply means each time you don’t have to do the repetitive task of sending a welcome SMS message or any other generic SMS when a new event is created. Another functionality like “SMS template” saves the time of your staff by creating multiple SMS templates according to the clients and use them when needed. This app also allows the user to send bulk text messages from Salesforce, can also send SMS to the selected recipients as well.

So, this best-rated Salesforce texting App is indeed an excellent & advanced app which your business must have to enhance your customer service and generate more leads

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