Alinea Collective Pte Ltd

公司名称:Alinea Collective Pte Ltd
公司国家:新加坡 Singapore
公司地址:18a Chapel Close (L2)
电话Phone No:+65 96680288
公司简介:Alinea Collective was founded by Brayden Lim & Almanda Haley through their love for photography and food. Brayden is a professional photographer/ videographer while Almanda is a professional food stylist/copywriter and their mantra goes something like this: be in love with the work that you do, and work with others who feel the same. Being in the local F&B scene for 5 years, both Brayden and Almanda constantly strive to push the boundaries of food visuals. The duo work as a team and their works are often a reflection of their personality – often vivid and a tad cheeky. Together, with an artistic eye for detail and a professional approach towards photography, they create images that are honest, rich, and memorable.,Commercial Photography Services